We are a boutique consulting firm located throughout the United States.  We specialize in helping organizations of all sizes achieve excellence through the use of modern analytics.  Data is one of the fastest growing commodities and we firmly believe that understanding and leveraging data is critical to success.  Data visualization is at the heart of data comprehension and is at the heart of our practice.  Our biggest tool of the trade is Tableau.  Tableau has long been the premier tool for business users and technologists alike to unlock the potential within their data.  We help by partnering with you to develop data visualizations, conduct industry specific data analysis, train and enable your team, offer embedded analytics to your customers, and optimize your current assets.

Professional Expertise
  • Data Visualization
  • Customer Experience & Voice of the Customer
  • Data Prep, Blending, Transformation
  • Exploratory Data Analytics
  • Advanced Data Analytics
  • Training & Adoption
  • Tableau Desktop, Prep, & Server
  • Lean-Six Sigma and Quality Improvement
Industry Expertise
  • Healthcare
  • Business Operations
  • Marketing
  • Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Food Services
  • Business Services
  • Technology
  • Contact Center



Jackson Two is headed by Ann Jackson, our chief Analytics Evangelist.  Ann is an experienced and passionate individual with a rich and extensive background in data visualization, exploratory data analysis, data communication, and business process improvement.  She is an expert at taking multiple data sources, finding meaningful connections between them, and communicating out the insight and potential they house.  She places strong emphasis on connecting analytical discoveries with quantifiable business improvements and overall business strategy.

Ann Jackson is widely known in the Tableau community and was named a Tableau Visionary (formerly Zen Master) in 2018.  Ann’s dedication to growing the practices of data visualization, data communication, and data literacy mean that she is constantly connected and contributing to the global community.  Ann holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a Masters of Business Administration in Healthcare Management.  She is also proud to be a Tableau Desktop Certified Professional and Tableau Server Qualified Associate.



Josh Jackson is an Analytics Engineer and our Head of Operations at Jackson Two.  Josh enjoys partnering with decision makers to solve problems using data.  He has extensive industry experience in healthcare, financial services, contact centers, and operations.  He specialized in voice of the customer and customer experience analysis, including implementing and managing Speech Analytics tools for major organizations.  Josh holds a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Informatics.





Jami Delagrange is a Senior Analytics Engineer focused on aligning business outcomes to data objectives. Her work includes architecting data access solutions, constructing sophisticated visualizations for public consumption, and training data professionals on best practices. She holds a dual major Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and Psychology from Anderson University and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Project Management. In her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with her wife and pets in Wisconsin, video gaming, knitting and trying new flavors of tea.