Jackson Two is a space set up by Ann and Josh Jackson to house thoughts, ideas, recipes, and play around in the cloud.  Here you’ll find anecdotes on data visualization, home automation, technology, low carbohydrate lifestyle, and cats.

Ann and Josh first met several years ago in a discussion place for physics.  At the time Ann was considering getting a PhD. in physics and Josh was considering a career in aerospace engineering.  The thought provoking conversations that took place early on formed the foundation of their eventual marriage.

Today Ann spends her time (by day) as a Data Visualization Consultant.  Her focus is on connecting mined data with business use and communicating results.  This takes the form of creating visual displays (often dashboards) of a wide variety of data.  Her focus is on partnering with data extractors and business users to define what is necessary to answer questions.

By night Ann spends her time on a variety of projects.  Of particular focus is working on understanding the sciences of data visualization, data perception, and visual analytics more deeply.  This morphs itself into participating in the Tableau community on Twitter and the local Phoenix, AZ community (where she is a co-leader of the Phoenix TUG).

Today Josh spends his time as an Analytics Consultant for a large financial institution focused on analytical tools for understanding voice of the customer.  His time is often spent developing and optimizing business applications.  He also spends time creating analytical tools designed for those using the business applications to understand the data being derived.

By night Josh spends his time on their shared home automation project.  He is also a hobby photographer and is responsible for the featured photo taken on their wedding day.